Freek (Frake) van den Beukel

It started with Europe’s largest playground in the Netherlands (at least back then I think it was). Visiting that place as a child on a school trip, I was so in awe that when I came home I sat down and started trying to draw the park on a piece of paper to show it to my parents. I have been drawing ever since, and started painting as well, when I was a teenager. Painting is still one of my biggest passions in life.

I grew up in the Netherlands, and moved to Calgary, Canada in 2005, where I currently live with my wife and two young sons. I am passionate about form, colors and texture. I have a Bachelor Degree in Product Design and am a journeyman carpenter. I love working with my hands, and I love creating new things. In my opinion good art needs to be beautiful, personal and expressive.

This website gives an overview of what I do. Enjoy!

Selfportrait (acrylic on wood, 2011)