Painting commissions

Besides exploring our own creative paths, we love to paint in commission as well. You can email us your (rough) idea or thoughts, and we’ll send a free estimate before the process starts, which is based on the size of the painting. We will develop a study, and communicate with drawings, sketches and color studies so that you can be part of developing the painting and have input in the process. For more insight in the process, please check our testimonials section! Turnaround time is flexible but is usually a couple of weeks.

Furniture commissions

You can email us your idea for your own piece of furniture, in as much detail as you like. Particular dimensions, shapes, design style, wood type, wood finish. In fact the more detail the better so that we can provide an more accurate estimate, free of charge before the process starts. ¬†We’ll design your custom piece based on that information and communicate through technical drawings and sketches with you before the building starts in our small but effective workshop! To be frank it is hard to compete with mass-produced furniture cost-wise, -we ask for your understanding in that. On the flip side though, because our products are uniquely designed for you and hand built to last, it could actually be a more economical option in the long term. Turnaround time is flexible but is usually a couple of weeks.